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    Deploying Flex BlazeDS Application in JBOSS server


      I am trying to configure BlazeDS with JBOSS Application Server.

      I had created flex mxml file which uses remote object to access the java class using BlazeDS. This works fine with
      Tomcat server. Problem started when i deployed it to JBOSS.

      I had created war file of Flex application that is present under blazeds folder of tomcat server and deployed the same in JBOSS server.

      Also i had copied the 3 war files (blazeds.war,ds-console.war,samples.war) to JBOSS Deploy folder.

      Normal flex application are working fine in JBOSS server but RemoteObject access is not working and showing error as "No destination with id 'CreatingRpc' is registered with any service." where CreatingRpc is an destination id present in remoting-config.xml.

      Please help me solve this issue.