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    How do I open a jpeg in photoshop without it changing the dimensions

    kathykatkathleen Level 1

      I need to extract an jpeg image from a word format document, edit it in photoshop and then place it back into the word format document which is templated for A4.


      The original size of the image is 53.45 cm x 53.45 cm but it has been scaled by 24% to fit inside the word format document.


      The scaled size is 12.84 x 12.84 cm and after I've extracted it and edited it, I need to make sure I place it back at this scaled size of 12.84 x 12.84 cm.


      You just wouldn't believe how long I've been trying to crack this, I'm desperate for help.


      I open the word format document with Pages. Then File/Advanced/Change File Type/Package/Save

      Open/Show Package Contents

      In the Data folder, I select the jpeg and open it in my CS4


      Here's where I get stuck.


      Nothing corresponds, size wise. I assume it is extracting it at the original size? But it's not even reading square in the PS boxes. I don't know how to set the dimensions or document size to get it to match. Furthermore I've tried jumping this problem and editing the jpeg which involves necessary rotating but when I rotate it back, I get extra canvas size added on making it even more confusing. How can something so simple be so difficult. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me, thanks in advance.