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    Artboard is re-sizing without my control it seems


      Hello, I'm completely self-taught in Photoshop, so there my be a really simple answer here I am overlooking. But I create a new file, with specific dimensions. I work inside those dimensions. But then when I create an animation layer, my artboard in the animation pane has obviously been enlarged. When I go to save for web, it wants to save the newly sized artwork (in my screenshot example, the program has resized my artboard to 1200px wide, instead of keeping my 300x50 dimensions.)


      I'm exhausted trying to figure out why this is happening and need some help. Thanks.



      Artboard should be 300x50. But when I create an animation layer, it blows the artboard up (only in the animation pane.)


      I go to save for web, and the damn thing is trying to create a GIF that is 1,200px wide.