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    Keywords: the right way to tag works of art?


      I've just downloaded the keyword list from the Lightroom Keyword List Project, but not sure what would be the best way to tag images of monuments and/or works of art.


      If I take a picture of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris, where would the tags go. Paris is easy enough, but should "Le Louvres" go under Europe > France> Paris or under Structures & Architecture > Museum.

      How about the artist "Da Vinci"? Should he go under Profession > Artist > Painter? Or under the People section? The issue here is that while I would want the tag Artist or Painter to be exported, for example if I was to take a picture of a street painter in action, in the case of a work of art I would NOT want to export those tags, just Da Vinci.

      And "Mona Lisa"? Under "Leonardo Da Vinci", wherever he is, or under Art > Painting?


      I like taking pictures of work of art (mostly sculptures and installations), so have to factor in the fact that some works of art will be displayed at different times in different places.


      Feel free to discuss and extrapolate. I don't necessarily want a straight answer (though straight anwers would be appreciated), but also like arguments that make me think about keywords and how to use them.

      Many thanks.

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          Some considerations to think about:


          - Think about where you'll be publishing the photos and investigate the capabilities of the apps or Web services that will be publishing them.  Most do not know how to display hierarchical keywords, but some do. 


          - Friedl's LR publishing plugins give you a lot more power and flexibility in how to publish keywords and other metadata fields.  E.g. you can copy keywords into the caption field.


          - The IPTC Extension industry standard defines specific fields for describing artworks and their artists shown in photos. LR supports that standard with the IPTC Extension tagset of the Library Metadata panel, though (dismayingly) it doesn't let you search those fields.  You'd have to get a plugin for that.   Many applications and Web services don't support IPTC Extension, so you might need Friedl's plugin(s) to get those fields published in a way that the receiving application/service can view them.

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