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    how to remove indesign defaults and saved data?

    stekker Level 1


      for a long time I'm having trouble with indesign not showing the square boxes in the layers panel next to the individual items on that layer. so there is no way to select or move things there...


      the last thing I can think of, is to remove the indesign defaults and the saved data MANUALLY (because people warn if you do the CMD+CTRL+OPTION+SHIFT-combination while restarting indesign).


      I'm working with CS 2017 and my system is OS X 10.11.6.


      but where are these 2 (hidden) files now???

      I look in my creative cloud start up panel and also searched in the library of my computer.

      no way I can find them.


      when will adobe have a simple script or a simple way to solve this without having to dig somewhere for hidden files.... and having a lot of risk to loose personal shortcuts etc.


      please help.