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    Photoshop recover file from autorecover




      Photoshop CC crashed in the middle of working on a video project.

      I do have an AutoRecover file with a psb document and 2 tmp files. The .tmp are more recent than the .psb

      How can I get the most recent version of my work ? How can I use the tmp ?


      Thanks for your help.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          What make you think the .tmp files have more recent  data for your recovery documents.  Can the .tmp files even be opened with Photoshop its not and image file type supported by Photoshop.  If the files were created  by Photoshop what kind of data did Photoshop write into them. 

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            LullabyEstrella Level 1

            The last modification is later for both the .tmp, the first .tmp being one hour or so earlier than the second one.

            The 3 files are situated in the Ps autorecover folder so I guess were created by Photoshop.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Photoshop recovery folder is normally empty. If you open a document and make  changes  the document is in state the is referred to as a dirty state. There are unsaved changes. If you have turn on autorecover  Photoshop will on a time cycle write a recover psb file.   When a document is saved in a clean state the recover file will be delete dirty the document and a new recover file will be written in time.  Only dirty document will be in the recovery folder.  If Photoshop is close down normally all document will either been saved or closed without saving the recovery folder will be empty.    However, if Photoshop crashes the recovery may had recovery psb files in it.  The default time cycle is ten minutes. A document must be in a dirty state more than 10 minutes for a recover file to  be written. The time can be changed in your preferences. I set mine to 5. If Photoshop is started and there are PSB file in the recovery folder Photoshop will open the psb files to help you recover some of the changes you were in the process of making.   I have never seen any file type in Photoshop recovery folder as I wrote the folder is normally empty dirty document can have recover file in there.  These will have some of you uncommitted change in them.  I have never seen any file type other then .psb in the recovery folder. I know autorecover still works in CC 2017.1.1  I have terminated CC 2017 with dirty document open and they are recovered but I do not see recover files in its folder "C:\Users\John J McAssey\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2017\AutoRecover"