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    Tech info needed before switch to a new computer


      Hi Adobe team.


      I would need a tech info.


      I hope later this year or within the first months of next year to switch to a brand new pc workstation.


      I'm evaluating to get a new machine equipped with a Nvidia Pascal card series GTX 1080 and latest i7 7700K cpu/DDR4 ram.


      For some years I own and use an old Nvidia Quadro card (K3100M) wich is very well designed for OpenGL rather than DirectX.


      My questions is :


      How your Creative Cloud software (PS, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc..) will run on a Pascal GTX 1080 card that, for what I know, is very well designed for DirectX rather than OpenGL ?

      I will get bad performance using a GTX 1080 rather than a Quadro card ?

      Or, for example, Photoshop's brush engine will run better and faster on GTX 1080 ?


      Thanks for your help.


      Marco (mkdm)