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    Unable to upload to TVOS app to testflight because of issues with Assets.car file

    sixfngers Level 1

      This has been plaguing me since air 24.


      I can build on my local apple TV and the icons show correctly. However when I upload to testflight using Application Loader the Assets fail their check giving me the error  - ERROR ITMS-90471: "Missing Image Asset. Your app is missing the Large App Icon asset 'App Icon - Small' in 'Payload/Distribution Test.app'."


      The assets.car file I am using comes directly from an app built in xcode that uploaded to testflight successfully.

      I extracted the assets.car file from that successful build, and included it in my air application using adt as stated in your documentation, but then this upload fails because of the error I listed above.


      Any suggestions. I have been trying to get this working since the AIR 24 release with no success.