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    After Effects error on launch, and can't import any videos - 3 MediaCore plugins can't be loaded




      I just installed Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro. Neither can import any video files - I tried, .mov, .mpeg, .mp4, .avi, .flv


      It says unsupported file format or damaged file. I can play those files and tried multiple files too.


      Now, Adobe After Effects also gives me an error on startup which says it failed to load MediaCore plugins and please reinstall them. The plugins are: importermpeg.prm, importerquicktime.prm, importerwindows.prm


      After searching a while for online, I found that I should have Windows Media Player installed. The problem though, is that I have a Windows 10 Enterprise N version of it, and windows media player cannot be installed on those enterprise versions of windows.


      I have QuickTime for Windows installed, but still AE doesn't list .mov as a supported file format. If I choose to import it obviously it doesn't work.


      I've tried setting quicktime the default app for .mov files, still nothing. I've tried reinstalling AE, still nothing.


      How could I fix this?