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    make Menu to stay at bottom of browser even if browser height is decreased or increased

    noelb8402969 Level 2

      I have been trying to figure out a way to get the menu I created with a muse widget to stay at the bottom and center of the browser even if the browser's height decreases or increases so that visitors can scroll the page and still be able to access the menu at the bottom of the page no matter the height of the browser.


      I have tried pinning the menu to the bottom of the browser, but when I preview it, I don't see it anywhere on the screen/browser.


      I have tried pinning it to the top of the browser which displays in the correct position on my computer when the browser is at it's normal size, but as soon as I decrease the browser's height, the menu disappears.


      I have tried pinning it to the page but that doesn't work.


      Is there anyway to get the menu to do this?


      I ask this question too, just in case I want to it to stay put on the bottom right or left of the browser if I ever wanted it to:

      Is there anyway to also get an item/widget to do the at the bottom-right or bottom-left of the browser too?



      I found this article online called "CSS Floating Menu" and I click the preview of the example that looked about what I wanted to do and it performed similar to what I would like my menu to perform.

      Here is the link to the example they gave that stays in it's position no matter the width or height of the browser:


      Here is the link to the main article if you need it:

      CSS Floating Menu


      I need some M&M's to help me out. Master's of Muse or Muse Masters help me out.


      Any attempt at helping me do this will be welcomed with open arms and will be muchly  appreciated.