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    Hex Codes in Photoshop?

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      I'm currently trying to follow a Bob Ross painting video (yes, I am that bad, but he makes it so much easier) and he lists the colors he uses at the start of the video. I have all of the hex codes for that supposed "exact" color in terms of digital art, but I can't find where to enter it in photoshop. Could anybody give me a hand? Thanks!

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          Semaphoric Adobe Community Professional

          It's at the bottom of the Color Picker:



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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hex is not "exact". People believe that, but it's a misunderstanding. In reality it's just a different notation for RGB values.


            If you want exact, hex color is subject to the same requirements for proper color management. A given hex number is undefined until you assign a color space to that number. Only then does it refer to a specific color.


            However, a safe assumption with hex is that it refers to sRGB. Hexadecimal notation has its origin before modern color management, and it was used as a convenient way to refer to screen colors.


            The only reason I can think of why hex has survived, is that it has a geeky, computerish sound to it. It sounds like it should be accurate. Today it's really outdated.

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