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    LR 6 Importing from an iPhone 7 NIGHTMARE


      I have been an OSX Aperture user for a number of years, but switched to Light Room 6 when Aperture went eol.



      On OSX, LightRoom behaved well, but since switching to Windows 10, I have found it to be a nightmare as far as importing is concerned. I am currently running a trail of LR6 on my Windows system.



      If I connect my iPhone 7 and open LR6 then select import, and select the iPhone as the source, after some loading, what I am presented with is a garbled selection of un-ordered images, videos and iPhone Live View files from my phone.

      I believe that the Live View files are the ones which are shown as "Preview unavailable for this file" - very unhelpful as I have no clue which pictures these short videos are linked to.



      I have tried using the top bar and changing from 'All Photos' to 'New Photos; to 'Destination Folders', it makes no change. The preview images are muddled and all over the place.



      Towards the bottom of the import screen, there is a 'Sort' option. It doesn't matter if I select:

      Capture Time,

      Checked State,

      File Name,

      Media Type or 'Off' the files are still all over the place.



      As you can imagine, if I have recently taken a set of images, it is really disorganised and unhelpful to have the images randomly mixed with all of the others I have taken on the device. I am sure this is caused by the filing system on an iOS device, but I find it really quite frustrating that a large company like Adobe is not able to make it easier to import images from one of the most popular phones on the market.



      Is there ANY way I can resolve this issue? If not, sadly, I will not be renewing my subscription with Adobe and will look to use alternative options.

      For my Windows system, I was running LR6 on a trial. It is now showing CC 2015.10 [1111918]. Adobe Application Manager reports that this software is fully updated.