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    Let Turbulant Displace react to audio



      I want my background to react to my audio the same way like in this video: ARYAY - Always Wanted You (feat. Kimbra) - YouTube

      I converted my Audio to Keyframes and added a Turblulant Displace to my background in order to create this smooth wavy motion.

      Then I set the Evolution to 0 in the beginning and to something like 15 in the end (15 full rotations). Now to the hard part:

      I want the motion to get faster whenever the music gets louder/whenever there is a kick kind of. (see the video)

      I tried it with iExpressions "Change on Beat 1D" and it kind of works, but you can hardly tell that it reacts to the audio. If the value I use is too high, the motion is going back and forth which looks weird and is not what I want.


      Maybe someone has a better idea of how to create this audio reacting motion.

      Thank you!