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    Offline deactivation of Photoshop license

    tian taol95670830

      Hi All,


      I'm wondering if "offline" deactivation of PS CS5 can be done on a computer that has no internet access?

      Did a quick search through the forums for relevant articles such as:

      Offline deactivation

      How do I deactivate cs5 on my laptop that has not internet connection?

      CS4 no Internet, deactivation Not possible, but I have to reinstall windows, Thuns CS4


      I've tried contacting Adobe via the support phone line (+65 66221459), but the voicemail said that Photoshop is not supported.

      When I tried webchat on another computer, the customer service agent referred me to the forums instead.

      Any help on the offline deactivation would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!