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    Lightroom Panels Close Randomly


      1.   Since the previous update, as I work in Lightroom, all panels, left and right, top and bottom, will disappear leaving black and blank space entirely around the photo I am working on, which remains.


      There is no way to correct this except to close and re-open Lightroom.


      Any idea why this is occurring?


      2. Every time I select edit in Photoshop as Smart Object, I receive a message that I must update to the newest Camera Raw, which I already have.


      Andy idea why this nuisance?


      Thanks for any ideas


      Mac Pro

      OS X El Capitan v10.11.6

      64 GB memory

      Lightroom 2015.10 Release

      Camera Raw 9.10

      Photoshop 2017.1.0 Release