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    Photoshop CS3 will not open iPhoto images on new iMac


      I have just had to replace an older (about 8 years) iMac after it "went to God"... Fortunately it was not the hard drive that died, so all, including my large accumulation of Natural History images was saved.  I use a Nikon 3200 and an old Nikon 500mm Mirror Lens, a totally manual unit where I have to estimate shutter speeds (aperture is fixed) so all need some adjustment.  The process I use has been to open iPhoto, select the relevant Event, then open Photoshop.  I go to "Open" then select "Photos" on the drop down menu, which used to open the entire Event as small images, then double click on the one I wanted to work on.  It was a simple and quick procedure, allowing me to either Save (in iPhoto), or "Save As" to another File. 

      The new computer has some changes, iPhoto is now called Photos, and even though all my old iPhoto Images have been reloaded, I can no longer open either the older iPhoto Images, or the newer ones uploaded to Photos.

      Can anyone please help with this glitch...??  Please......