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    Unable to install flash player due to NPSWF32.dll error

      My issue is that I recently tried updating my adobe flash player for use in Firefox. I had removed my old version, and upon installing the new flash player 10 I was given the message "Error opening file for writing: C:\windows\system32\macromed\flash\npswf32.dll". After looking at many tech forums and googling answers I have tried using the adobe uninstall tool, then rebooting, then installing...I have tried installing an older version of flash player, and a few other approaches...none of which worked. I did look in my common files folder in the C drive and found a "npswf32.dll" file in the "adobe AIR" folder, however I don't know if this needs to be moved, deleted, or what. Any advice would be appreciated as I am frustrated in trying to find a straight answer to fix this and be able to view video and other flash content on firefox.