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    InDesign CC2017 Mac - Crash Mac after update 2017.1 (?!?)




      I´m having a problema since InDesign made last update (April), to version 2017.1 (i think)


      With this new update my mac, during work in files, it crashes/freeses my iMac!! I need to force shutdown iMac to work. Sometimes it crashes after 2mints, other times later... Random workout, not doing specific thing


      I've tryed several things (reinstal InDesign, other files, crerate new files/projects). I even format my mac, reinstalled InDesign and problem continues....


      If i install version 2015 it works OK.


      Only happens with inDesign 2017. Made several hardware checkup to iMac, no problems detected


      I need version 2017, because have it installed in other mac that i work to, and everytime i transfer files to it, it takes time to convert things......


      Any idea??


      Below my iMac details