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    Hmong characters


      How do I add Hmong characters to an Indesign document? The typeface I'm using is Neutraface.


      Thanks for any help you can give me!

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Hmong is typically written in Latin script, just like English. So you probably shouldn't need to do anything special. Maybe you could post some more details? Are you working in Lao script, or Pawah Hmong, or something else? Maybe a screenshot or two would help us figure out how to help you.

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            Bo LeBeau Level 4

            I did a quick Google search and it doesn't appear that Neutraface supports Hmong.

            Do you have any information that says it does support Hmong characters?


            You can't assume that any font you like will support foreign characters (especially Hmong)

            You would need a font that has Hmong characters.

            Try doing a Google search for Hmong fonts.

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              asdf;je Level 1

              Thansk for the response. This is what I need to include in Neutraface: Ba mẹ thương mến, con cảm ơn.

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                Joel Cherney Level 5

                You need to look for a font that supports Vietnamese characters, to use that writing system. (I've never seen Hmong written in Vietnamese orthography, but Hmong is one of those languages that is written in a variety of different scripts.)


                I know of no version of Neutraface that supports the extended Latin glyphs you need.


                Also: while Bo has the right idea in trying to research glyph coverage,  you really aren't going to find much if you go out looking for fonts that specifically support Hmong. There are four different writing systems that Hmong speakers use that I can think of right off the top of my head. Try a Google search for Vietnamese fonts; that will get you much further.


                Lastly: I am beyond 100% sure that the sample you posted is actually Vietnamese, not Hmong. I have formatted many documents with that exact phrase, and if you drop it into Google Translate, it is identified as Vietnamese. It's not Hmong.

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