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    SWF in iFrame - How to get mouse wheel to work

      I have been searching for a solution to this for a few days without any luck. I was hoping someone here may have come across this problem and know of a solution, or know if it just is not possible.

      I have a static page which consists of an iframe, picture and a div with some links. The image is an image map and set to load all links within the iframe. The flash itself is a 360 degree panoramic view with hotspots (links) within the file that also point to other pages. My issue is that the mouse wheel scroll is supposed to be a zoom in/out feature, which work with the flash file and full screen view. However, when the file is loaded within the iframe, the scroll wheel on the mouse will only scroll the page and will not interact with the flash file at all.

      The problem seems to be with the following browsers (PC):
      Chrome 0.4
      Opera 9.5
      Firefox 3.0

      The zoom works in IE6, although the page does scroll with it. When I disabled the page from scrolling (see index2.html) the zoom stops working. This is probably due to the code used to disable the mouse. I really need to try to get the mouse wheel to zoom in FireFox 3 though. The large majority of our visitors are PC users with FireFox 3 or IE 7, so these are the two most important browsers to have working.

      The pages are still currently under development but examples are online here:

      http://www.utoledo.edu/campus/virtualtour/maincampus/index.html -Normal page
      http://www.utoledo.edu/campus/virtualtour/maincampus/index2.html -Page with scrolling disabled

      Does anyone have any ideas for a possible solution? Thanks for taking the time to help.