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    Photoshop desktop and menus not showing up

    iwaterski2000 Level 1

      When I start up Photoshop on my mac. The programs seems to start normally. However I never see a splash screen and the Photoshop desktop and side menus never appears. The only thing I get is the mac menu bar along the top of my screen says Photoshop and all the high level menus. Here I can click on any of the drop down and it seems to do stuff but nothing shows up on my screen. Like doing a file new will shade all the items in the menus gray and unclickable. At this point all I can do is hit escape right away and options in the menus are clickable again. I've tried resetting the Photoshop preferences.  By using option, command, shift then starting the program. The program seems to hang when the dialog should appear asking if I want to reset preferences. But no dialog box shows up on the screen. If I hit the enter key the program continues to start up and I'm left with just the menu bar at the top of the screen. The only way I've been able to get Photoshop to open normally is when I restart my mac in safe mode holding down the shift on restarting the computer. I've gone through all the menus and tried changing setting or reset setting. But when I start normally it's back to how it was before. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop multiple times in different ways, even downgrading the program. I've read it might be a plug-in so I have removed all non Photoshop plug ins. The interesting thing, is when I turn the "workspace" to "Photography" a Tool Presets menu does appear floating alone on my screen. So it seems like everything is there just not showing up on screen. Adobe try starting in 32 bit mode. That not on the new version for mac computers. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.