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    Embed Multiple Animate CC Interactive Graphics on a Webpage

    KenMafli Level 1

      Hey All,

      A week or so ago I successfully embedded an interactive graphic I created in Animate CC.  I have created my second one but just can't quite figure out how to edit the head code to accommodate two.  I have created a test page:


      https://info.townsendsecurity.com/-temporary-slug-4c959389-129d-4ac5-a54b-3ceaad299e76?hs_ preview=DAuMxxbn-5071911712


      Below is the head code.  I added the 2nd script source for the other graphic.  I know that I also need to create other unique identifiers within the head and body code, but that is where my knowledge runs short.



      I saw that BenPleysier helped with a similar issue back in September of 2016, He did a good job answering it successfully but I was not quite able to follow in how to create all the unique identifiers.


      Thanks for your help!