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    DNG Profile editor will not create color chart with SpyderCheckr 24 McBeth Chart


      I bought a very expensive SpyderCheckr 24 color chart in order to do my camera profiles with DNG PE.

      I am using a Oly E3. I have converted the Oly ORF files to DNG.

      Then I open DNG PE and i select the DNG file. it opens fine.

      I move the dots to their correct places, (with DNG PE "chart" tab selected)

      I leave "both color tables"

      select Create Color Table

      and I get a dialog saying Cannot read color patches. Please use the four color circles to identify the four corner patches of the chart and try again.

      What is going on?

      It seems to me the issue ... could it be as stupid as this... is that on my chart the cyan patch is on the left and the brown patch on the right. DNG PE has the cyan dot on the right and the brown dot on the left. If you place the dots on the correct patches (therefore crossing them over) the dialog comes and says PE cannot creat color patch.

      But if you just leave them where they are (the cyan dot is then on the brown patch and the brown dot on the cyan patch)

      well in that case DNG PE WILL create a color patch. only problem is that it will get the colors wrong, specially the brown whcich goes sort of red.

      I read somewhere that DNG PE had an orientation issue  some time ago, but it had been fixed. maybe not?

      Can someone help please?