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    My Dollar Photo credits should NEVER expire!


      I just got one of those emails telling me I have to spend $30/mo to keep my Dollar Photo credits, credits that I have already paid for when I agreed to the Dollar Photo plan.  It never mentioned that these credits were going to expire. 


      Here is the email Adobe sent to me at the time of the changeover from Dollar Photo to Adobe:


      Dear Dollar Photo Club Member,


      Our service is now closed. But we have great news. You can transfer your unused downloads to Adobe Stock until August 31st, for free.


      And even more for you – Benefit from a unique promotion on Adobe Stock with similar conditions: $0.99 per image through an annual plan of 10 images for $9.99/month, valid for the first year. This offer can only be redeemed before the transfer of your unused downloads.


      This is just greedy and bait and switch by Adobe. You may have given us credits knowing we had paid for the Dollar Photo service.  Why have these credits expire?   I have 172 unused credits and the fact that Adobe wants MORE  money from me is obscene.  How in the heck can I know what images I will need for my clients now. 


      You need to immediately rescind the credit expiration. 


      Please let us know that you have rescinded this action to delete our credits.