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    AIR 26 Beta - Stagewebview does not display HTML page

    yufuair Level 1



      I just publish our app with AIR 26 Beta which uses StageWebView to display HTML5 content files that are downloaded locally on the iPad. The webview displays a white screen.


      The stagewebview first loads index.html, then based on device, it redirects to index for ipad or index for mobile. The HTML5 page contains javascript. It is white screen on the stagewebview.


      I tested with a plain index.html that only has one line of text in it. The test displays ok through stagewebview.


      What could be the issue with AIR 26? Does it have to do with the wkwebkit? How can I troubleshoot this? All of the sudden the apps are not working anymore and this is scary.


      Please help. Thank you.