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    Using scripts to place CC library item and export multiple PDFs


      Hello InDesign wizzards,


      I am trying to batch process files and need some scripting magic to make it happen. I have a "batch processing" script that would technically convert a bunch of INDD files into PDFs, but I need another step or two inserted in the process. This is what I'm hoping to automate:


      INDD File > Open > Place item (in place) called "Setup1" from a library called "Prepress" > Export PDF with "S1" export setting > Append "S1" to the end of the PDF file name


      This would need to happen with 3 different page sizes and 4 different "setup" placements. I could run them in batches (i.e. Page size 1 with setup 1, then with setup 2, etc) but of course ideally the script would just run the whole thing for me.


      Hopefully this is enough info, thanks in advance!