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    Change Print Order of Selected Photos


      I have a simple need but cannot seem to find the answer. In a SubFolder of 65 photos I have selected 3 for printing on a sheet with 4 photo locations. I would like the order these 3 photos print. Currently the fill the page 1,2,3,blank - the print order I would like is 3,1,2,blank. Not sure if I have explained this correctly.


      Yeah you are going to ask what version currently 4.4. Have the 5.0 upgrade never installed. This appears to be a basic feature which should have been available since day 0... Thanks Dan

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          If you are using Layout Style of "Single Image/Contact Sheet"  then the photos fill the cells in the sort order on the Filmstrip.

          Easiest way to sort as you want is to make a standard Collection of the photos 1,2,3, and drag them to re-sort as "Custom" 3,1,2. (either in the Filmstrip, or in the Collection) then go to the Print module.


          Note: A "Custom" sort of a folder of photos is not possible if there are any sub-folders.


          Another alternative:  Use the "Custom Package" option in the Print module, define the cells on the page, and drag each photo into any cell placement you want.

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            SeanMcCormack Adobe Community Professional

            wobertc's explanation is great. For automation, using a collection with the images sorted in your prefered order is the most efficient route for Contact Sheet in Print.

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