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    Flickering LED Lights Motorbike

    robertk3536440 Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I already opened a discussion in the Premiere Pro Forum but the issue seems to be a bit more complicated and it would be great to get some advice from AE experts.


      I filmed some footage with my Actioncam (Sony X3000) and now I saw that on most of the footage the LED Light of the Motorbike is flickering.
      I already tried to use Anti Flicker tools, but nothing helped.


      Now I tried it by masking the blinking light out and replacing it with a still frame of when the light is on. Again, the solution is not perfect. In nearly every single frame the brightness of the LED is a bit different. I tried to use the Color grading effect afterwards, to compensate the brightness, but it doesn't help at all.


      Is there a way to copy the Light from the first frame and paste it in all the following frames?
      How would you try to fix this problem? Maybe are completely new idea. And just to let you know, I'm an absolute beginner in AE


      And yes, I know, I could use a camera where I can adjust the shutter speed to avoid flickering etc... but sometimes I'm on the bike myself and need to use the action cam. At the end it will be for commercial use, that's why I spend to so much time on this flickering lights.


      I´ll try to upload the files I'm working with, so you can see what I've done.




      Thanks for your help guys!



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I would say that if it's for commercial use, it's worth shooting over again.  You'll save yourself a lot of grief in the end.


          You'll also get used to using the camera menus, which is a good thing, too.

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            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

            well... it can be solved but after you see what it involves doing, you might prefer to re-shoot or get an Vfx guy to do it for you.


            The Workflow

            1. stabilize the element you want to fix.

            2. patch on the stabilized shot

            3. re-introduce the motion


            it took me about 20 minutes to do it, and an hour to prepare this post. this is no beginner stuff. if you plan to go through with this on your own just remember there's no 90% good composite... the smallest shift will ruin the shot.


            but, we are here to learn!





            for most of my tracking work I use Mocha which is bundled with After Effects. it's a reliable plane tracker but definitely not user friendly. highlight the footage>animation>track in mocha Ae. here I will track the bike for position and scale. I will include anything that's in the same plane and movement with the light.

            this is how it looks after the tracking is done:


            I choose which frame I want to hold for my stabilization. this frame is the one that will be stabilized so I want the best frame to work on where the element is the most visible. in Mocha, I will push surface planar to corners with this button (arrow is pointing at it):

            now export and choose "invert" to stabilize:

            in Ae, Paste on the first frame of the bike. now I have stabilized the bike (in a high degree, not perfect). I have set guides so I can see it's in the center. not perfect but we can work with this:




            I can now prepare my patch of the light. you can do this right in Ae, just freeze frame the part where you want to take the light from, mask it. I prefer to precomp it (nest) and crop it, place it and then mask it:

            make the corrections you need. some position with just a few keyframes. you can watch the light over the original footage in reduced opacity to see that you are exactly there. you can also set the light layer to the difference mode to make sure. a bit of scaling on the X axis when the bike is rotating. some blur and highlights with camera lens blur effect:



            Reintroduce the motion:

            we can leave the video switch just for the light in the composition (no need for the original footage underneath, we will add it in the final composite) and Precomp (like nest in premiere). now in the master comp I and copy paste again from mocha the same information over the light composite that was stabilized a moment ago. this time in the export options with no "invert". now we have reintroduced the motion over the stabilized shot. the light matches the movement. we place it over the original shot:




            Final shot:

            Test_Adobe_Fix.mp4 - Google Drive


            Project Folder:

            Bike_Strobe - Google Drive

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              robertk3536440 Level 1

              Hi Roei,


              wow thank you so much!  Thanks for taking so much time.
              I will go through it, try to do it by myself and then try it with the other clip I've uploaded.


              I'll keep you posted how I get on


              You are the best mate. Thanks!

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                Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                You're welcome, Robert. It's good practice, and breaking down these type of workflows for beginners is a good way to find the most effective and simplest solution for myself as well.


                Feel free to Come back if you have questions, and stick around regardless. other users might chip in with tips or workflows of their own, and the forum

                is a good place to learn about the software in general.

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                  robertk3536440 Level 1

                  Hi Roei,


                  after fighting with After Effects and Mocha, Steps 1 and 2 are done.
                  But now I'm failing at the last step.
                  When I try to reintroduce the motion, the Light is introduced with an offset.
                  I attached a video to show you what's happened. At first you see the patched Light, like your video after Step two.
                  Then I just copy paste the Informations from Mocha...


                  Any idea where the offset is coming from?

                  And sorry for my folder organization, it's a bit chaotic.




                  Thanks again!





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                    Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                    you can open the project I sent and see the discrepancies but I believe this is your issue:

                    you composition needs to start right above the original clip and not forward in time.

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                      robertk3536440 Level 1

                      It must be something different, what you see in the timeline before is another short clip.
                      The composition start's absolutely at the same point with the original clip.
                      I tried to adjust the start point, but then the light is drifting away. (It can't catch up with the bike, seems to be a bit slower)


                      Everything seems to be the same between your and my project.
                      Maybe I just need to start over again...


                      The format when I export the informations from Mocha is the same like before right? Just without ticking the "invert" box.

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                        Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                        I am surprised you got this far! this does not look like my setup. work side by side and make sure you follow along. it's very hard to backtrack when you are not experienced enough to know how this kind of compositing procedures work. when going in and back to Mocha there are many ways to get it wrong. you copy paste the exact same information just invert=stabilize, not invert = match move. and always paste on the first frame of the shot if that's where your track begins - this is usually where users get it wrong and what causes offset.

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                          robertk3536440 Level 1

                          Hi Roei,


                          it worked! I did it twice again and now it worked. I guess I haven't paste the information for the stabilization right at the beginning of the clip.


                          I'll do the rest now as well and upload the finished clip - so you can have a look.


                          Cheers Rob

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                            Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                            Well done Rob. that's actually amazing you got it right since there are so many ways to get it wrong and for a new Ae users to walk this path, even with a map, takes a leap of faith since it gets dark along the way...