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    turacr2017 Level 1

      After editing a PDF document (underlying or highlighting words) I can not save the changes. I have an adobe acrobat account and the document isuploaded to the document cloud, still, after exiting the document I was working on, the changes aren't automatically saved nor to the cloud or the tablet (I am using adobe reader on android). Is there any chance to be able to save the changes locally, to the sd card of the tablet with a SAVE button, or how should I proceed? Thank you!

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Turacr2017,


          As mentioned that you are using Adobe Acrobat DC mobile app and working on Android device. So the changes that you apply to the document should be saved automatically after clicking on (Check icon).. But if it is not happening then you must try with different file and see if the same situation.

          I believe you are following the exact same steps suggested in help document- Acrobat Reader Help for Android: Annotating Pages


          Hope this helps.




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            How do you save annotations to a document?  I am using Adobe reader on an Android 5.1.1 device.


            I can't find a save option anywhere.  If I close the document and re-open, the comments are not there.