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    Removing Embedded Profile in DNG file


      Is there any way to remove an embedded camera profile from within a DNG file?


      Please see below (sorry if it's a bit 'image heavy')


      Below is image is taken direct from the SD card of my DJI Phantom 4 Pro and loaded into Camera Raw, it's their supposed 'raw' file from a 20mp Sony sensor (fit to screen) and is written by the camera as a DNG file




      The second image shows exactly the same raw file opened in UFRaw (RawTherapee gives the same result)




      What is immediiately apparent is that the UFRaw view had roughly a 20% wider viewpoint, shows vignetting at the corners and there is evidence of barrel distortion - these examples are 16:9 and it's even more evident on the supposedly 'native' 3:2



      The DNG image opened by Adobe Camera Raw has already been 'warped' and cropped before opening - rough example here


      The 'full image' is the correct pixel count/proportions but the DNG file as read by Adobe Camera Raw is also the same dimensions but, it is a significantly lower quality as it has been warped, cropped and scaled to refit the 20mp proportions


      Extreme top left, 100% crop of both versions of the same DNG file (Raw Therapee on the left, ACR on the right). This clearly shows that ACR is displaying an edited file presumably from the embedded profile.



      Thanks for reading and if anybody has any ideas as to how I can persuade ACR to ignore the embedded profile and display the same (warts and all) image as the other raw editors I would be very pleased to hear your thoughts.