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    Inconsistent errors and poor performance


      System Information:

      Surface Pro 3 i7, 8Gb, 128SSD

      Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Office 2016, InDesign 2017


      + I have started to get times when my system won't redraw in a program. The text boxes just disappear. If I zoom out or close the file and open it again, then it works. Everything is still there; I just can't see it from time to time.


      + My InDesign or Illustrator won't redraw the full program, so I have to shut it down. This happens with InDesign about a third to half of the time now.


      + Not a day goes by that InDesign will stop responding and have to be forced to shut down via the task manager.


      + There are numerous times when my computer moves really slowly. This happens in files files that have numerous pages--but not consistently with every file. And not just when the files have images vs. no images. This one day it was a small file that just chugged for no apparent reason. And I always run InDesign with Typical Display, so it's not from trying to show hi-res images. When some files are saving, it's about impossible to do anything else at the same time.


      Any help or advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.