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    "There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be found"

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      I have a very specific issue and I've spent hours searching the web without finding an answer.


      I have some users who have a constant need to convert documents (pdfs, docs, spreadsheets) into .tif images so they can use a program called Enterprise Scan which scans the .tif images into SAP. What they do is send the documents to a virtual printer which converts them to a .tif file and saves it in a folder on their local drive. This virtual printer used to be Microsoft Office Document Image writer when they were using 32bit machines, but we have upgraded them to 64bit machines and it no longer is compatible. We have been having them use software called PDFCreator by PDFForge which does the same thing functionally. When they go to print an email with the attachments, it will open Acrobat (or Reader, it's the same with either one) and then randomly either succeed or fail. When it fails, it shows the error in the title of this discussion. There seems to be no pattern as to when it fails. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't under the exact same conditions.


      PDFcreator saves the printed files in a temp directory as .ps files (%localappdata%\temp\pdfcreator\spool) which it has write access to. The version of PDF creator that I'm using is 1.7.3, which is outdated but using the latest version does not solve the problem.


      I've tried using different PDF printers and have gotten the same results, but PDFCreator seems to be the easiest to use so far. I don't know whether this is a problem with Adobe or with the pdf printers, but I figured it was most likely Adobe because this only seems to happen with .pdf files.


      We are on Windows 7 SP1 and using Acrobat/Reader version 11.