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    Raw Lightroom Import


      I have googled and searched this forum for some help. I have read several answers and find that no ones solutions have helped with my issue.


      I am am working on my photography skills. Learning everyday. I have a Canon 70D. I was previously shooting in jpeg and now I've started to shoot in RAW.


      So as a million people have asked before, Help?! I import the raw files directly from my camera to LR. ALL the images look ridiculouslay grainy. Every time. When I shot in jpeg, my images looked fine.


      its very discouraging and I'd almost much rather shot in jpeg. I follow Sue Bryce and I see her shoot (as well as her students) in RAW and upload, her images look nothing like mine when showcased in PS/LR

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          What ISO are you shooting?

          JPGs follow whatever camera setting you have set, Sharpening, noise reduction and so on. RAW is Sensor Data with no added adjustments.


          Please post a screen shot of one of your images in the develop module of LR.


          Post that same RAW image to dropbox so we can download it and look at it in our LR install.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Raw images must be post processed. This includes sharpening, noise reduction, color correction, etc., etc., etc. And the list goes on. JPEG images have all of the in-camera processing applied to them. A lot of work is done for you. If you're going to shoot raw you got to learn how to use Lightroom. A few screenshots and even  sharing a couple of your images through dropbox would be helpful if you want some real constructive suggestions.

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