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    Numbered Lists..Need blank line in between list items

      Hi. Here is my issue. I am using RH 7. When I use the numbered list feature, there are no blank lines in between list items. I find that to look sloppy. I can fake it by pressing SHIFT ENTER after each line item. That makes it look fine and translates fine to Web Help but when I generate my Word File from it, there ends up being an extra line in between line items. I assume this is because Word is using its numbered list feature, which is skipping lines. It's also adding that <BR> from RH.

      SO...I guess I either need to know how to use RH to generate lists the way I want it to, or I need to know how to set word to not skip lines in between list items, so this way it will just skip ONE line due to that <BR> in the HTML.

      I have a feeling this is simple but I am lost.