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    Wacom alternatives

    adriennea85339612 Level 1

      I recently switched over to Photoshop CC and have been having the WORST problems with my Wacom Intuos tablet. I have the most recent drivers, and am updated on my Photoshop, but I can't make any adjustments via sliders. For example, I have to use my mouse to move the sliders to adjust brush size, or in liquify make any adjustments. I also have issues with my button, but that could be wear and tear. I don't want to buy another Wacom tablet though, because their website is not especially helpful when trying to diagnose problems. At this point I'm willing to try another company.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          We get a lot of posts about tablet issues.  We can usually help people fix issues with Wacom tablets, but as often as not, we can't help non Wacom tablet owners.  You might be lucky, but you would be taking a gamble.


          Tell us about your Intuos problem.  It sounds like you have had it a while.  If it has had a lot of use, then the pens wear out — especially the buttons.  I am currently on my third pen, and that does not count the pen that cam on the original Graphire I had before my Intuos 4.   I pay about NZ$80 for replacement Wacom pens.


          Do you know anyone who has a Wacom pen you can try?  You need to be careful in that not all tablet pens work with other tablets, but there is a guide here:


          http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/threads/tabletpc-compatible-wacom-pens-surface-pro-pro2-on ly.55416/


          You should be able to test your pen via the Wacom Preferences, and assign other functions to each button as a way of telling if it is working.  At least one of my pens failed because of a broken button.  In fact with one pen the button (switch) fell out!  Note my tablet gets used for hours a day, every day, and has done so for twenty odd years.

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            adriennea85339612 Level 1

            The problem with the sliders has been in the last few weeks with me migrating to CC. A circle comes up, you know like the loading icons, and I can't tell if I'm pressing too hard or not enough. I haven't tried another pen though, I'll definitely give that a try. Strange enough, I never had any issues with my bamboo, just this intuos, I'm tempted to just go back to the bamboo one, well, rather a new one, because my old one is beat. lol


            I get what you're saying about getting help with Wacom, most of the times I can find my answer in forums, but it's getting to the point of me having changed everything and still having issues. I bought a new computer, upgraded to CC, and still have so many issues with editing. I've yet to find a combination to make my workflow easier.

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              There's a fix for the white circle.  I am in a rush right now, but if no one else gives the answer, I'll be around in about another hour or two.  You might find the answer in the Tablet FAQ in the Overview page for this forum.


              What operating system are you using, and if Windows 8.1 or 10, are you using the Windows Ink or WinTab API.  You need to turn off Windows Ink, and enable WinTab


              Re: Use Windows Ink Issue with photshop CC 2015.


              Good luck

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                adriennea85339612 Level 1

                Yay! Thank you, that worked!! You are a lifesaver!

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