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    Posting from Lightroom to Flickr

    jrjjrj Level 1


      I've been regularly publishing photos to Flickr from Lightroom for a couple of years.

      Today, I had a problem that never occurred before. As always, I dragged a photo into the Flickr Photostream in Publish Services.

      When it showed up in the New Photos to Publish section, a photo that I published on Mon May 1 was still there.

      I have been receiving views, faves, and comments on that photo all week so I can't understand why it is still there, and I don't want to republish it when I publish my new photo.

      I have not made any changes to that photo in Lightroom, and it isn't asking if I want replace it. It's just sitting there as though it hasn't been published before.


      How can I remove that already published photo from New Photos to Publish without removing it from my photostream?


      What will happen if I click Publish? Will it replace the old one, or duplicate it? Or what?


      Any ideas?



      John Jackson

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is it in the new photos to publish or in the section for updated photos to publish? If it is the latter you can right or control click it and mark it up to date.


          If it is in the new photos section, hitting publish will likely give you a second copy of the image on flickr.