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    Closing a flv player

      I have a HTML web page, where the flv file is getting loaded into a DIV that contains the flash player.
      In the page I have a HTML text link called 'watch the movie'. When I click the hyperlink the flv vdeo file is loaded to the page via the player.
      The problem is, it is geting loaded correctly but if I close the DIV that contains the flash file from a text link (again a HTML image button) and clik the 'watch the movie' button agai it is not starting from the beginning but from the position where it has last closed.
      I want every time i click the 'watch the movie' button it should start from the beginning.
      I think the problem is that the close button which is used now is nothig but a function to 'hide' the DIV thatcontains the flash file, so it merely gets hidden when close button is triggered but its still streaming in the page, though remains hidden.

      Please help me. what i want is something like :
      1. The flv vide should load into the player from a HTML hyper link
      2. On the close the video movie should unload or close
      3. On click again it should start from the beginning not where its ended.

      Thanks a lot.