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    Adding Reduce File Size to Action Wizard producing .tmp files

    sargums46564804 Level 1

      I have an action wizard with a Preflight fix followed by Reduce File Size and java script (Image 1).  I have a "Move to Option" on the Preflight fix (Image 2).


      When I apply this action wizard to a pdf with a file name of 017.pdf, the file name is completely changed and saved as "A9RB40B.tmp" file in c:\Automatically Labeled Exhibits. Why?


      When I remove the Reduce File Size from the Action Wizard, I get a 017.pdf file like normal but obviously then I don't have a reduced file size.


      Note, my java script code allows me to save the file so that is why I do not want to use the "Save to:" option in action wizard.


      How do I prevent this?  I want to retain the file name and .pdf. I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro X 10.1.16 on Windows 7.


      Image 1:

      Image 2: