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    Flash 8 AS2 coding not working

      We have an application that creates a page turner type of documents. We have a player to put it all together but one of our client wants to import this in Presenter.

      We created a "loader" type of swf to load the application and kept the rest of the player, trimmed down, but we have issue with the "flipping page" feature. It use the flash.display.BitmapData package that comes in Flash 8, but it looks like it is not working. The content is not redrawn to the curve, the image is tiled in the area it is supposed to fill. We had this problem once when the player we had was compiled in Flash 7.

      Is it possible that the flash version that Presenter use is not 8? Even if the documentation say that Flash 8 is the minimum to view the content. Is there a workaround or update to F8 in the pipes?