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    Re: InDesign CC crashing on link update for icml files edited in InCopy CC Windows (BRANCHED)


      I am having the same problem with CC 2017. Is there any solution??

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You commented on a three year old post. That is rarely a good idea.


          Please give us full details on what's going on including version of InDesign/InCopy and operating systems.

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            samuels75 Level 1

            Thanks for answering. It is my first time posting here and I though it was better than opening a new discussion.

            Well here is it what I have:

            - Windows 7 (x32)

            - Indesign CC 2017 (

            - I have not InCopy

            I am new on InDesign. I read a tutorial where they explain that you do not need to have InCopy to use this feature.

            I working with a team writing technical manuals (around 50 pages with pictures and a few tables). And the documents are located in a network.

            Some sections on those documents are repeated on different chapters of the same documents or through other documents.

            In order to be consistent and not having to go through all the documents making the same corrections all over when needed I wanted to use this function in order to make corrections only in one document and synchronizing the rest.

            In the documents the subjects are placed on different text boxes (threaded if they are long).

            - I select the text box with the section I want to have on another document.

            - I go to edit>incopy>export and I create the ICML file on the network beside the documents.

            - Then from the different document I select File>place and go to the ICML file. At this moment the InDesign crashes.


            The other option is to copy paste the text box once it has been exported as ICML. I am able to complete this part, but if I check out in one document to edit it, check in again, and then I update on the other document... then ID crashes.


            I tried the same thing but having the section duplicated on the same document. And it also crashes.

            I tried to place the ICML file locally on my computer (the indd is still on the network). And also it crashes.


            I am applying paragraph stiles and this function would be perfect, as it updates the numbering of the section automatically. If I have the same section on the same document (ej. I have the same section in Chapter 1 and Chapter 5, but in Chapter 1 is Section 2 and in Chapter 5 it is the Section 11) the heading number automatically updates.


            I would appreciate any help to solve the crashing or I will be happy to implement another solution to synchronize the documents automatically.

            Thanks in advance