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    qualcuno può aiutarmi ???  [Italian Speaker Requested]


      Qualcuno può aiutarmi in italiano ???

      Photoshop ha smesso di funzionare, ho cancellato il programma dal pc e volevo reinstallarlo. Ho inserito il CD, il computer lo riconosce, lo legge e mi fa arrivare alla pagina di installazione, poi non va avanti, non lo installa. Perché ???? Cosa devo fare ???? potete risolvermi il problema ???? Ho urgenza di usare il programma, altrimenti il mio capo mi licenzia

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          floral55183454  wrote


          Can someone help me in Italian???


          Photoshop has stopped working, I deleted the program from my pc and I want to reinstall it. I inserted the CD and the computer recognizes it, reads it and gets to the Setup page, then but no further, and won't install.  Why????What should I do????


          You can bring myself to the problem?? I need to use the program, or my boss will fire me!


          I'm sorry, we don't have Italian in our list of International forums, but we do have Italian posters, so I'll try and find one for you.


          It sounds like you have an old version of Photoshop on a CD and it won't install on your computer.


          We need to know what operating system you are using?

          What version of Photoshop you are trying to install?

          Has this version of Photoshop run on this computer previously, or is the first time you have tried to install it?

          If this version of Photoshop have been installed before, was it deactivated before uninstalling it?


          If it is CS2, then visit this page

          "Activation server unavailable" error in Adobe CS2, Acrobat 7, and Audition 3