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    A super newbie question about creating a video using AE

    ThievingKlingon Level 1

      Hi! I'm so much of a newbie, I haven't even tried using AE at all but I have a video that I need to get done and I can't think of another program (that I have installed) that can help me do it.


      I was actually working on the video using Animate but realized that it won't even publish the file cos it says that it has more than 16,000 frames.


      What I need done: a video of a looping animation playing to a music track compilation that runs for approx. 50 mins. At certain points on the timeline, different text will appear.


      1) I have created a looping animation in Animate (published as a swf file)

      2) I need to import in an audio track in mp3 format

      3) At different points in the timeline different text will fade in/out

      4) Export this to movie format for uploading to YouTube


      May I know how to go about doing that in After Effects?


      Your help is much appreciated!!