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    Info.plist - Requesting Permission Privacy Settings in iOS 10


      Apple has new security constraints detailed at Info.plist - Requesting Permission Privacy Settings in iOS 10. - iOSDevCenter


      Unfortunately, PhoneGap does not detail the use of Info.plist.


      My build is uploaded to Apple via Application Loader 3.6 and queued, but then it disappears from the process and this is what Apple said:


      Please note that starting with iOS 10, purpose strings are required for access to any protected class of data from within your app, including usage of those protected data classes by any third-party library your app uses. If you're receiving a message about a missing purpose string for a data class that you don't recognize, consult with your third-party library vendors about their usage of that protected data class.


      For more detailed information, consult the following resources:

        WWDC 2016: Engineering Privacy for Your Users (usage description keys discussed at 29:14)


      Can someone please explain what we should do if we are using PhoneGap Build and our .ipa is not even getting to the submission phase?