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    Synchronizing new Adobe-Account with existing Fotolia-Account

    HolgerH Level 1


      I’d like to synchronize my new Adobe-Account with my existing Fotolia-Account. At the time I accomplished the Adobe-Account some weeks ago the synchronization was the first thing I tried to do. Under the following link you find the form I used in order to synchronize: https://contributor.stock.adobe.com/de/onboarding/sync-fotolia-2 At that domain I tried to login with my Fotolia-Login-Data. However, it didn’t work. It tried some days later and it didn’t work again. I retried several days and the only thing I archived was to see a round progress bar. Nothing else happened. Today I’ve been trying to synchronize for five hours – it’s still running and the only thing I see is the circling progress bar but no finished synchronization.


      Would you please be so kind to tell me, how to synchronize Fotolia with Adobe Stock? I’m looking forward to your answer and I very much would appreciate your help.


      Best regards,



      PS. I’m using Firefox 43.0.1, all cookies are allowed.