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    Cannot adjust Workspace sizing of the topic


      I searched on a number of phrases and words and could not find anyone else with this issue, so it is probably very elementary.


      When I upgraded my RoboHelp last year to the most recent version, and tried to adjust my workspace to something I was comfortable with, the topic pod went full page and now stretches across the whole window. Any pods that I add to the workspace lay over the topic pod so that I have to scroll over to view all my text (you can see scroll bars and text running behind the pod in the workspace making you have to scroll to view text, and when typing it seems to go on and on with the text going off the page until it decides to wrap around to the next line).


      I want the pod to just show in the space allowed, not go under the Project Manager pod. I need to be able to see all the text as I type and not have it scroll over like that, so I probably need to get the topic pane to only fit to are that is available, however, I can't seem to get this to change no matter what I try to do.


      Any way to get the topic pane to show all text and fit to the space and wrap the text accordingly?