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    Is anyone else initiating a lawsuit over the bogus invalid key issue?



      1) You purchase what you believe is a valid upgrade product key 4 YEARS AGO. (CS5.5 to CS6)

      2) You continue to believe it is valid as Adobe proceeds to install it and allow updates to it for 4 YEARS.

      3) Suddenly, Adobe claims the key is bogus and that you must revert to the pre-upgrade version.

      4) Adobe will not (as remedy) even sell you a valid upgrade key... no longer support.

      5) They claim they can not manage these standalone products keys (so won't sell one,) but somehow they DO manage the software paid monthly?


      I NEVER would have purchased what I believed was bogus software for my business.


      NOW I have years worth of no-longer-supportable workflows because of this, and I can NOT use CC

      to go online for security reasons.


      I am initiating a lawsuit over this insanity for lack of competence by Adobe, not to mention damage to reputation & lost future business.





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