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    rotate, rotate, rotate...!!!

      Hi everybody,,
      on the director stage there is w3d scene include one cube in position (0,0,0), i used next lingo code to rotate the cube around its " Z " axe by pressing " RIGHT " key :

      on keyDown me
      case (_key.keycode) of
      124: --right key down
      member("01").model("Box01").rotate(0,0,90) --rotate 90 around Z axe

      if member("01").model("Box01").rotate(0,0,90) >= 90 then
      member("01").model("Box01").rotate = 0 --stop rotate here in this postion
      end if
      end case

      when i press RIGHT key, cube rotates forever, i used "rotate = 0" to stop cube rotation when cube reach first 90 degree rotation, but cube still rotate, rotate, rotate...!!!