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    Dynamic Link Not Updating on AE 2017.2


      We have had many issues in our post production group since the latest release with our AE comps not updating in Premiere after we make changes in AE. There are also significant performance issues where our Premiere and AE are freezing up until we have to quit the programs and reboot.


      2017.1 Premiere & 2017.2 After Effects


      MacOS 10.12.2 - 2013 Mac Pros


      32-64 GB of RAM


      AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB



      Everyone that updated to 2017.1 Premiere & 2017.2 After Effects has experienced issues with the Dynamic Linking between AE and Premiere. The dynamic link files are not updating in Premiere after changes are made in After Effects. On Friday, we thought the problem was happening when we imported clips through media browser, but this morning an editor that had imported his clips using the import to his bin ran into the same problem.


      Right now, it seems the only way to update these comps in Premiere is by restarting the program.


      “While working in premiere and after effects, I drag a comp from AE to PR and then if I make any changes to the AE comp, I have to restart both AE and PR to see the change in PR. I tried making the comps offline and then relinking them, but that didn't work. The only way I been able to do it is to close out of both programs and reopen them.”


      Please let us know if you have some options we can try. I’ve seen similar posts relating to this on previous releases, but we hesitate to uninstall, reinstall unless this is a known solution to this problem.


      Please let us know what you find.

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi adobe13a,

          Are you still facing this problem? If not, let us know how you solved it. If so, please let us know so we can assist you further. BTW, this thread may contain some possible solutions. Please check that out: AME cannot connect to Dynamic Link Server




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            gustavosimon Level 1

            Hey people... I've been using AE for a week, learning basically on YouTube, so I really appreciate a pat in the back for what I just discovered. It's is a long post, so if you don’t want to read the whole story yo can skip to the conclusion.



            Discovery #1

            Whenever I imported a AE composition to PP, Dynamic Link was dead and it can only update by restarting PP,  so I did this:

            • In the Project panel, I used "New item" to create a "Color Matte".
            • Once created grabbed it and dropped where I wanted to have it in my time line and set its duration.
            • I opt-clicked and selected "Replace with After Effects Composition"
            • An AE project file was created containing all the compositions embedded in the original PP project.

            Discovery #2

            • DL was  working perfectly, then I mess something on the linked file and the Dynamic Link, so I deleted it and used "File> Adobe Dynamic LInk> Import AE Composition" and imported the composition from the previously generated AE project. It worked again, perfectly.

            Discovery #3

            Life was great, DL was working perfectly until I was trying to figure out masks and press who knows what and the file was unlinked. It was the third linked composition, so I did the same, erased and went to the Media Browser panel to locate the AE project, found the composition dragged and dropped it to the timeline and BAM!... nothing happened, DL was still dead. I erased and imported dropping it in the Project panel and trough File> Import. Since the other two compositions where updating normally I concluded this wasn't a bug nor a system failure. Then I re-discover my first discovery and used "File> Adobe Dynamic LInk> Import AE Composition" and again, it worked perfectly.



            I don’t think this is a bug. I think there’s two ways to import AE content to PP:

            1. Importing it as any other kind of asset, which will bring a copy of the last saved instance of said asset.
            2. Through Dynamic Link, which will live update.


            It’s kind of the same difference between sending a rasterised file or an Smart Object from Bridge in Photoshop.

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              I am currently experiencing this issues with CC 2018 PP and AE. Has there been a resolve?

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                One Pixel

                I'm having the exact same issue with the same version. Any solutions??

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                  waldemar.kerschbaumer Level 1

                  Same problem here. Adobe made me loose a half day for that **** problem.

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                    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                    Absolutely make sure that both of these applications are updated.



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                      waldemar.kerschbaumer Level 1

                      Hi, is this a (bad) joke? Adobe should know that with the old versions all worked fine. I updated to the latest version some days ago and now I have this problem that both programs do not work together. If I update a ae-file, premiere does even not update that placed file after closing both and reopen the project. So I have to save the AE under a new name and replace it (and inserting all options…).


                      A lot of nonsense work…so Adobe, please update your programs soon and remove that bugs.

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                        SebViot Level 1

                        of course they are updated ! But it's not working !

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                          Hi All


                          Just found this thread today, thought I'd throw my two cents in. Truth be told I'm not the best when it comes to remembering to update versions, but I just updated to the absolute latest (legit as of 5 minutes ago - Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, Adobe After Effects CC 2018), and I'm still having the same issues. I have a Premiere Pro project with an After Effects Dynamic Link in it, and it does not update in real time. Still not sure why I am having this problem, as it definitely hasn't been an issue in the past.

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                            waldemar.kerschbaumer Level 1

                            Adobe is becoming more and more a monopolist and maybe cares less about users