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    Folder structure - dont get it !

    20conor Level 1

      I set up a new folder structure as follows :


      Parent :  Football

      Sub folder : Season 2016/17

      Sub folder : April

      Sub folder : Team A vs Team B


      The above is what I want but underneath these the system seems to automatically generate even more folders (as below) that I don't want....


      sub folder : 2017

      sub folder:  2017-04-29


      I can't understand why these extra folders are generated nor how to stop them being generated. Can you help me understand this ?

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          JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

          It appears that during Import, you are telling Lightroom to organize by date under destination.

          Screenshot 2017-05-05 13.00.37.png

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            D.A.R Adobe Community Professional

            Regarding the How to stop them portion of your post.


            In the Destination Panel change the organize option to "Into one Folder"

            Be sure to select the relevant Team A vs Team B folder from the folder list.


            Screenshot 2017-05-05 13.07.43.png

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              dj_paige Level 10

              Allow me to point out an "thinking outside the box" solution.


              Creating such a detailed folder structure in Lightroom is possible (you can create any folder structure you want using Lightroom) but it's not always an efficient and effective way of organizing. There are serious limitations to doing this. However, if you organize via keywords and other metadata, the task of organizing is easier (less work) and the results are more powerful. In other words, the advice is to take advantage of Lightroom's strengths, instead of avoiding them.


              For example, I said it was "easier" and less work. Why? Because you don't have to create folders, and you don't have to specifically create a folder for a given month. The Lightroom Filter Bar can find all photos taken in April, regardless of the folder structure, and you don't even have to perform the equivalent setup of creating an April folder.


              I also said it was more powerful to use keywords and other metadata, so for example, if all photos involving team A get the keyword "Team A", then you can later find all photos involving Team A, regardless of opponent and regardless of month or year, something that can't be done easily, if at all, using the folder structure you have described.

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                20conor Level 1

                Thank you thats very helpful. I do tend to use folders when I want specific games and keywords for particular teams across different games but your response is very helpful.

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                  20conor Level 1

                  Thank you Joe I think that solves my problem, very helpful.

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                    20conor Level 1

                    Thanks very much I will do that, so helpful.