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    Create a .OAM menu in Edge for use in Muse?

    KristianThompson Level 1

      I've created an animated menu for myself in Edge Animate and imported it into a site I'm building in Muse.

      When I click a button however, it loads the new page into itself - not into the Muse site.

      Also, the text stretches when I resize it to screen height.


      How do I get it to load pages into the site it has been imported into?


      Can I create dynamic buttons (empty text fields and empty destinations) in the .OAM and 'fill it out' in Muse?

      Or can I alter the script in Edge to load pages into the appropriate target? Is this a JQuery thing?


      The Menu is here: testMenu


      The test site is loading a page with another menu in it.. can be confusing. Just refresh after hitting a button.